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Thread: Rabb.it died today. :(

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    Default Re: Rabb.it died today. :(

    Wait, what? What's Rabbit?

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    Default Re: Rabb.it died today. :(

    Currently writing a book


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    Default Re: Rabb.it died today. :(

    At first I thought this was a bot. But I doubt an ADMIN is a bot.

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    Default Re: Rabb.it died today. :(

    Rabbit was a site where you could virtually watch things online with other people. You'd basically make a "room", put in a link or find the vid you're looking for on Netflix/Hulu/YouTube/etc, and anyone that you invited into your "room" would see what you were seeing, watching at the same time. Plus there was a comments section to chat while you watched. Personally used it countless times for watching things with friends here and elsewhere and introducing each other to stuff.

    Is a shame that Rabbit closed. I'll look at this site and a couple others I've heard of; hopefully this new version will be an adequate replacement.

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    Default Re: Rabb.it died today. :(

    So basically it's like Ultraviolet done and done.
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    I've often wondered about that myself; seems like being supported by people who only want you there so the world can end in fire (with you going to Hell in the process) would be somewhat off-putting
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    Default Re: Rabb.it died today. :(

    In the short term I'm going to give Kast a try.

    Hopefully a real replacement will come along someday.

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