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Thread: Matrix 4

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stranger View Post
    Oh! I'm excited for this! I enjoyed the other movies, so I'm definitely gonna watch this one when it comes out!

    Though I wonder if it be a direct sequel or a reboot. I wonder how it will play out O:
    A reboot is probably the way to go for this, since Matrix 3 resolved all of the major plot threads.
    Plus the special effects in the original Matrix have aged substantially and are extremely cliche now.

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    CGI wouldn't be any better imo. The stuff they did for the original Matrix movie is really cool if you read up on it. Just having all the effects and sets be CGI would stick out just as much. I really only enjoyed the first Matrix movie anyway so having a sequel, especially after 17+ years by the time this comes out, just seems unnecessary, especially since like you said, everything is pretty much wrapped up by the third movie anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoboBlue View Post
    A reboot is probably the way to go for this, since Matrix 3 resolved all of the major plot threads.
    Yeah, I think this the best way as well, unless they end up reviving the characters or something.
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    Honestly, I'm more excited about Avatar 2, lol.

    Guess it could be good if they keep it simple, like the original Matrix, and less convoluted like later instances, Cloud Atlas or Jupiter Ascending. I did like Cloud Atlas, but can see why bunch of people didn't.
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    In the meantime, why don't check out this movie made by the same guy who worked on the special effects of Matrix?

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