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Thread: Help Me With This Breakdown of Zoan Devil Fruits

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    Default Help Me With This Breakdown of Zoan Devil Fruits

    So I noticed this issue (which may not even be, but I'm pedantic) a few years ago and I wanted to get others to weigh in on it. I was by no means familiar with cladistics or how different types of animals are classified and so when I learned the names of some of the Zoan DFs properly, I realized that Dalton's Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Bison was just a different model from Kaku's Giraffe. So I looked into it and saw that they are both similar down to the Order, namely Artiodactyla.

    The overall classification system goes: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species, which puts order neatly in the middle, which I suppose ain't bad. I also looked into other DF animals that had more than one example such as elephants and woolly mammoths since we've seen DFs of both of those. Sure enough, they both share the same order, Proboscidea, which have a pretty limited set of what qualify as that.

    Here's where the problems start cropping up, as far as I can tell, though you may disagree, but hear me out.

    Inu Inu no Mi DFs have been seen in a couple of examples, in Chaka's Jackal and I think one of the Marine officers was a Dalmation, and of course Lasso the Dachshund. Those all belong to the Order Carnivora. Here's the kicker: a crapload of other types of animals are part of that order too, including Lucci's Leopard which was from the Neko Neko no Mi, and also includes things like bears, raccoons and others not part of the simple 'dog' or 'cat' colloquial category but which haven't all yet been given their own DF to be featured in the series but now that we're in Kaido territory and his SMILE army is just around the corner, we're bound to start seeing many new ones.

    I'm not saying Oda used this classification system to determine which names to give which DFs but in order for this to make sense, he would have to break these down to the Family level, one down from the current Order at which most of them sit. Unfortunately that would mean the Zou Zou no Mi would no longer include Model: Mammoth, and the Ushi Ushi no Mi would no longer include Model: Giraffe.

    Does that make sense? I'm probably really overthinking this and honestly I'd prefer lumping together groups that are more superficially similar but I'm a science geek at heart.

    Funnily enough, though modern elephants and woolly mammoths/mastodons aren't from the same family, the extinct saber-tooth tiger/smilodon and modern cats ARE part of the same family.
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    Default Re: Help Me With This Breakdown of Zoan Devil Fruits

    One Piece Green: Secret Pieces revealed an early concept of Marguerite, who was intended to have a black cat model of the Neko Neko no Mi, and Inazuma who was intended to be a Zoan Devil Fruit user who could turn into a crab.
    The Zoan class was the last of the three types of Devil Fruit to be introduced in the story as well as the first type shown to be capable of "awakening".
    The Zoan type is the only Devil Fruit type that has yet to be shown with two known users for a single fruit.
    Two canon Mythical Zoan users introduced so far have an Epithet related to their transformation.
    The Tama Tama no Mi, an unclassified Devil Fruit eaten by Tamago, allows the user to transform into an animal (in this case, evolve from an egg form into a chick, then a chicken), and to regenerate their body when broken.

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    Default Re: Help Me With This Breakdown of Zoan Devil Fruits

    Oda probably name things based on how cool they sound; his target as writer is the Heart of All Children, and not the etymologist that lives is us

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