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Thread: 2017 Awards Discussion Thread

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    Deciding funniest member was the hardest part, imo. Screwtape or Wagomu's Salt of Water...?
    "Often I think about my many comrades fallen by my side. I heard their curses against the war and its authors, the revolt against their murder. And I, as a survivor, believe that I am inspired by their will to struggle, for the idea of peace and human fraternity."
    Corp. Barthas, France, Feb. 1919

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaido King of the Beasts View Post
    Most Memorable: K. Kira XXIII

    Most Quotable: Zar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kaido King of the Beasts View Post
    Pirate King: Count Mario

    Pirate Queen: Zar

    Best Forum Gamer: akagami7
    Thanks for the nominations! It's such a nice surprise. There were a couple things I wanted to nominate you to but people managed to do so before me.


    Some of the votes were really hard, especially with the members. I feel I'm not active enough to give a fair judgement on all of them.

    But for the series ones, those were easier. Worst Fairy Tail moment would be Mavis getting pregnant because even after years of bullshit, it still managed to surprise me.

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