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Thread: My Game Design/Super Smash Brothers Blog

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    Hello everyone! I was not sure where to put this thread and if this is the wrong area feel free to move it to the correct part of the forum. In order to get some work out onto the internet and flex my creative muscle i have started a blog on Game Design. In this blog i am going to talk about case studies that show either good or bad game design as well as eventually put my own ideas for potential games i would like to see. I am also going to look at games that are coming out and show an idea that i have that i would like to see in that title.

    I am also going to do articles specifically about the Super Smash Brothers franchise such as ideas for new characters and stages as well as possible items or modes i would like to see. My plan is to update this blog at least once a week if not more with new ideas. I draw everything and while i know it is not anything special i still hope it fulfills it's purpose at getting my points across.

    I will also do some reviews for games on this bog just to make sure there is not a dry spell of updates. I already write game reviews for my local paper and so i can also put them on the blog for more people to see.

    This is my first time making anything like this and so i would be happy if you could give your opinion to me and help me improve. These can be positive or negative criticisms about the articles, some of my ideas or even how i have made the blog. I am using wordpress as recommended by my girlfriend but i am still just learning how to use it and so it is not as streamlined as i would like but there is not much on there at the moment so i figure it is fine for now.

    So please take a look and let me know what you all think


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    Here is my next article, it's another Smash brothers article. I have 1 or 2 more planned and then i'm moving onto an actual idea for a game as well as another design club. I'm going to make myself a schedule soon.

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