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Thread: Your Musical Background

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    Default Your Musical Background

    Hey everyone,
    Thought I'd make a thread where people can tell everyone about their musical training and background.
    For example, what instruments you play, how long, any formal instruction, bands you've played in ect.
    Or if you're not a musician you can tell us about you're history of your taste in music :)

    I'll start,
    Played Trombone for 5 years now, learned in highschool. Played in the Jazz Band, eventually I studied Jazz Bass Trombone at Humber College for a semester (ultimately switching out after that).

    Played percussion for 5 years (orchestral for 5, kit for 4) I'm mostly self taught on this. Played in a few concert bands, but mostly just do jazz drumming. Passed an audition to join the Canadian Reserves as a percussionist, but ultimately failed a part of the application process (non music related). Played in a hardcore punk band for a bit to lol.

    Self taught bass for 4 years, play mostly jazz and funk (no slap stuff though). Starting to get into Hip Hop style bass lines.

    Any other jazz musicians on here by any chance?

    Looking forward to hear about you're history in music :)

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    Default Re: Your Musical Background

    I played saxophone for a few years in high school. That's about the extent of my musical training.

    As for taste, I never really was into music as a kid. I only really started getting into music when I was maybe 15 and that was mostly 60s and 70s rock. A few years after that I started trying to expand my tastes and still am kind of.

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    Default Re: Your Musical Background

    I had 2 weeks of basic guitar lessons when I was about 14, didn't like how they were done and effectively taught myself from there.

    I kind of drifted away from the guitar for a while but I'm trying to get back into it.

    In school I got taught a bit of bass guitar, keyboard, recorder and some guitar but I dropped music pretty soon into high school.
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    Default Re: Your Musical Background

    I was in chorus class throughout middle school (mid-late '90s), but got bored of singing songs I didn't like, so I took what knowledge I gained from that and put it toward training my ear and teaching myself how to play piano and compose. After a few years of piano, I decided I'd pick up the guitar as well, followed most recently by the bass. I like playing/writing on the guitar more than anything else! It's my best, non-human friend! :D

    As for my musical stylings, I'm really big into power pop (Big Star, Matthew Sweet, The Posies, etc.) and that really shows in my music. However, I also like making electronic and electro-acoustic music now and then. Really, I'll try anything once! But my heart lies with power pop, as do my strengths.

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    Default Re: Your Musical Background


    I've taken classical piano lessons for 13 years. I've had voice lessons for 3. I was taught the basics and then taught myself the upright bass for the past 4 years. I picked up the bass guitar the year after I started learning the upright. I've been playing the guitar for almost a year. I've been writing music for 7 years and winning competitions for my compositions for 4 years. I listen to a lot of metal and I've been doing growl screaming for 3 years. I can do inhale screams (which I know are useless) and my high stuff isn't great and I'm still working on it.
    I've sung in one choir or another for 10 years. Now I'm in my school choir, my school's select choir 'Vocal Ensemble,' my county 'Honors Choir,' and their select choir 'Concorde.' I'm in my school's male acapella group that was put together by students called 'Dallastones' (a pun on our school's name Dallastown). I'm a tenor 1 in all 5 of those groups. My range goes from a B flat just over an octave below middle C (on a good day and I know that's not low at all) to a B flat above middle C (and a high C on a good day).
    I'm in my school's orchestra as the only pianist and I play the upright bass on the songs that don't have keyboard parts. I play with my school's 'String Ensemble' even though I'm not technically a member of it. I've covered as the keyboardist for a couple bands my friends are in when their keyboardist couldn't make it to the performance. I've in my own metal band (that doesn't have a name yet) and I'm the lead vocalist. I also do either keyboard or rhythm guitar depending on the song.
    I have really good relative pitch and I've 'learned' perfect pitch. (I've memorized pitches.) As far a I'm aware, I know just about everything there is to know about classical music theory. (But I don't know any jazz at all.)
    I've been writing music since fifth grade (and I'm a senior in high school now) and my first stuff was on Mario Paint Composer and it was just random crap basically. Then I got Notation Composer which sounded horrible but it looked nice and I started writing rock music, orchestral, and a little bit of electronic. Then just in tenth grade I got Sibelius and FL Studio and now I write rock music that my band actually plays, full choir and orchestra pieces (including a full-length Requiem Mass), electronic music on FL Studio, and other stuff here and there. Sometimes I write piano arrangements of popular rock songs or video game soundtracks.

    I've also got an ocarina, a ukulele, and a recorder and I can play them too but not very well. And also I'm pretty decent with marimbas, xylophones, and glockenspiels considering they're laid out like a piano. And I can do percussion pretty well as long as there are no more than 2 parts. I can't play set 'cause it's too much for me to focus on (unless it's really easy).

    And I wanna go to college for music but I still have no idea where I'm going or if I wanna go next year or not. I don't actually want more school

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    Default Re: Your Musical Background

    Well, beyond a little recorder in elementary school like everyone else, I started with the trumpet in 6th grade. I played it for six years straight, but dropped it when I graduated from high school. Probably...well, easily, the most significant ensemble I played it in was my high school marching band. We were... well very much still are (but I'm not in it anymore, obviously!) one of the top competing national marching bands, so that was a big thing. About tenth grade, I had taken more interest in playing woodwind instruments. I started with the clarinet, but it didn't go too well for me - it really hurt my mouth. About midway through my senior year (just over nine years ago now), I finally got my bassoon and started learning it, and I have played it ever since. In college band, symphony orchestra, community orchestra, etc.

    I'm still not an one-instrument person, though! I am pretty much in love with all woodwinds that aren't flute/piccolo, soprano clarinet (it hurt my mouth, as I said), and soprano saxophone. Right now I'm taking lessons for the oboe, and hope to get to play it in some kind of ensemble soon... Would love to get to play melodies again. Lol.

    My music tastes are even more complicated than that... *sigh* You could say I grew up mostly to music from the 70s and 80s, some 60s, some 90s, because that's what my family listened to (the 90s just being the music of the time). The modern pop/rock that struck out to me the most was the early to mid 00s, though. After that I stopped really liking any of the modern radio music coming out, I'm afraid. I discovered classical, and switched back to the music of mostly 70s/80s for my radio listening.

    Somewhere down the line the 80s started rubbing me in the wrong way... the synths and overall instrumentation, vocal styles, everything just paled in comparison to the 70s and eventually 60s music I came to love. Nowadays I mostly listen to music from the 60s/70s... Pretty much everything: Soul/R&B, Plain ol' Classic Rock, Soft Rock, Progressive/Psychedellic Rock, Folk/Folk Rock (especially British), etc. I do not completely shun the 80s, or today's music. I try to keep an open mind. I keep some punk in my library, but it's still hard for me to get into much of today's music, sadly. Instrumentation is the most important aspect for me, and the 60s/70s hit that sweet spot for me... Beyond that, not so much.

    Classically, I really started listening ten years ago, and wasn't raised to it as much. I started with Baroque and Classic. Eventually fell in love with Impressionistic, as well. More recently, I took an interest in Early Music. It started with Renaissance Polyphonic choral music like Thomas Tallis, but in the last couple of years I've come to really appreciate the instrumental music as well. (it took me a little while to get used to the extremely buzzy nature of early double reeds, but I love them now!)

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