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Thread: Your favorite One Piece character

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    Default Re: Your favorite One Piece character

    Bepo, because he's a polar bear.

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    Default Re: Your favorite One Piece character

    Hmm.. I can't decide between Nico Robin and Sentoumaru.
    2nd is Brooke and Third is also a tie, between Inazuma and Kizaru.
    If there is no Strawhats involved it would be: 1. Sentoumaru- 2. Inazuma/Kizaru- 3. Basil Hawkins-

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    Default Re: Your favorite One Piece character

    nami cuz she's the cutest, hottest, and prettiest


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    Default Re: Your favorite One Piece character

    certainly a reason to like a character

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    Luffy and Zoro are at tie for being my favorite.
    My top five are: Luffy, Zoro, Kizaru, Shiki, and Chopper.

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    Default Re: Your favorite One Piece character

    Here are my top ten, One Piece characters. I have a lot favorite characters besides the ones that made it on the list. This pretty much my most favorite characters in the series

    1. Franky
    2. Usopp
    3. Perona
    4. Moria
    5. Robin
    6. Sanji
    7. Apoo
    8. Smoker
    9. Luffy
    10. Foxy

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    Default Re: Your favorite One Piece character

    1. Wiper
    2. Zoro
    3. Whitebeard
    4. Shanks
    5. Gin
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    Oh man, one of the reasons I LOVE One Piece so much is that every character has a fan base... even Usopp,who back in the days seemed pretty useless, but then after that Mr 4 fight, he showed he can be brave and the fan girls went crazy :p

    It's really hard to decide my MOST favourite, but thee would be the ones I can think of now:

    - Enel (cos he's just badass... that arrogance on him made him so cool lol, plus he looks like Eminem XD and his German voice really did it for me when I used to watch OP via TV)

    -Gin (I loved his appearance and character so much, and I just HAVE to see him again... such a cool character deserves a comeback!!)

    -Luffy (cos he's fun and selfish, but when it's time to step up, he's your man! He won't let anyone harm his nakamas! That's just too admirable)

    -Zoro (for his sacrifice, you could tell that he has high respect for Luffy and he's so loyal...)

    -Arlong (I just loved his SWAG man... rings even though he has fins, a russian winter hat, hawaii shirt!! DAYUUMMM!)

    -Ace (cos he's badass, nuff said)

    -Coby (his comeback was just so shocking to me... Oda really put a lot of thought into his characters)

    -Don Flamingo (I've always said it to my friends, he is just THE most mysterious character in One Piece, and before PH we really didn't know a thing about him other then his has some strong cool power and Smiles at every occasion no matter what happens)

    -Vegapunk (cos we don't know a thing about him, but he seems pretty damn smart)

    -Charles (lol joke but we do have to thank him for letting us see him getting Luffy'd across the room)

    -Bon Clay (for his unyielding care and love for his friends and constant sacrifices)

    -Lucci (badass and first Zoan that's shown to be actually deathly strong and Luffys opponent, who also was the first to bring Luffy close to his brink of death with only physical attacks)

    -Law (design and personality really)

    I think that's enough for now :p

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    Default Re: Your favorite One Piece character

    This should be obvious....as long as you ignore whatever random avatar I have at the time of reading this.

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    Default Re: Your favorite One Piece character

    I'm shocked that i am the only one with Sentoumaru in his/her list Before the Marineford arc. My all-time favorite was Bartholomew Kuma, but then Oda decided to make him completely a robot.
    Hopefully Oda gives us some backstory of him since he IS on Yonkou level.

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    Moria is my favourite *O*
    Apart of him... perhaps Robin xD

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    i like boa hancock too

    she's like a really childish character which adds a really good flavor of humor

    i love watching her and luffy xD

    so funny and so cute

    not to mention that she's really hot too

    i wish i was luffy, then i could be her husband

    i feel bad for margaret tho, cuz she has to compete with hancock, even tho margaret is pretty too

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    I love all the straw hats, and they all stand out to me, so it's hard to decide. If I'm excluding the straw hats the list would probably be (in no particular order): Crocodile, Duval, Jango, Kaku, Norland, Sabo, Ace. With all the straw hats included, and in order, it'd probably look something like this: Luffy, Zoro, Franky, Usopp, Sabo, Sanji, Ace, Crocodile, Duval, Jango.

    I kind of find reading lists boring, unless you know that specific person (nothing against you guys), and would rather type endlessly about why I love each. No one really knows me, and if you did, that'd make you a stalker ^.-, as I don't come here often, and probably won't until I've caught up with the manga and can actually talk about something relevant in what's going on with One Piece right now.

    Luffy: Of course.. the main character, so boring right? He's the main guy for a reason, his actions make me love him despite his role. Out of all the straw hats, he's the funniest (imo), followed by Franky. He has a way with his fist, and his fights are always the most exciting. It's more than obvious why someone might like him, so I see no reason for detail.

    Zoro: His honor and sacrifices really have made me respect him. He has exciting fights as well, and his way of keeping the captain in check is amazing. I love his role in the water 7 split up of the crew, him being called Mr. Bushido, and the ending of Thriller Bark.

    Franky: By far one of the funniest characters I've ever had the pleasure to laugh at in any anime/manga. His "perverted" scenes are by far some of the most hilarious moments in one piece, and his robotic antics help with his comedy.

    Usopp: One of the few characters having battles where outsmarting one's opponent is the way the battle is won. While he normally shows bravery in the end, or lies his way out of battles rather than smarts, he still incorporates it much better than most characters. I kind of wish instead of going some freakish plant weaponry route, he went the Skypiea dials route and became a warrior like Wiper. Like I've said before, I'm not caught up with the manga, so he might have already revolutionized his weaponry even moreso with dials. On top of his unique way of the warrior, he's a hilarious character as well.

    Sabo: Another thinker, and of the three in that arc, he's the one that uses his smarts to his advantage. His story and role in all of it made for one of the best arcs. The predictions regarding him give lots of potential for me to grow to like him even more.

    I don't want to bore anyone too much with my rambling, so Ill end it there.

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    Default Re: Your favorite One Piece character

    Well, I certainly love alot of One Piece characters, all for different reasons.

    Still Usopp is my all time favourite, his bluffs, his ability with the slingshot, and Sogeking I think is his crowning glory of awesomeness.

    Second would be either Dalton or Kumadori - Dalton is so loyal, so resiliant and so steady-but-protective that I find him most similar to myself. Kumadori since his character, design, strengths and way of speaking is just amazingly cool. I really want Kumadori playable in a fighting game, but I know it's not going to happen.

    And we need to see more Johnny and Yosaku! They're just so cool!

    Otherwise Zoro for his epic-pwn-santoryu and Robin since she's amazingly attractive, clear minded and I love history as much as she does.
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    Default Re: Your favorite One Piece character

    Luffy, Zoro, Ace, Law and Smoker.

    No order top five off the top of my head.Will update with reasons when I'm not using an Android to type. :p

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    Default Re: Your favorite One Piece character

    Blackbeard is definitely my favorite.

    He's an underhanded rogue who doesn't give a damn about what people think of him. He isn't afraid to think big while reaching for the very top and even admits that "Dreams never die!" He's ugly and fat but walks around like a f****** monarch. His beard is always growing and he's always improving himself. He's alway planning ahead and stabs everyone in the back, including his friends, superiors, the Navy, the World Government, even Whitebeard wasn't spared from this nasty mother f*****. And what does he do when he's about to die? He abandons his pride and begs for his life, what a pathetic bastard! But that's why you have to love Blackbeard, he's a real villain who knows his limitations but still outsmarts everyone and gets what he wants at the end of the day.

    And he always has spare booze tucked away in his belt like a boss.

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    Default Re: Your favorite One Piece character

    Usopp, most definitely. Best character development hands down.

    Coby and Helmeppo are the runner ups (I think of them as a set, so they share the spot).

    I wish Oda would give Robin some epic fights (she'd be up there if he did). Her power is too cool to be wasted like that. >:I

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    +1 Kaku. I mean come on. He has a long nose like Usopp, swordfights like Zoro, and kicks about as a part of his Yontoryu like Sanji. Plus he can turn into a f***ing giraffe! How can you NOT like him?! Forget Lucci, he's like THE badass of CP9.

    Also definite props for Brook. Tis true that when I first saw that there was a skeleton among the straw hats I went and shat myself, but when I started constantly rewatching Thriller Bark over and over I grew to really like his character. I mean not only is he a fencer, but also a musician that I would happily buy a TD from.
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    Default Re: Your favorite One Piece character

    Hmm.. There are so many awsome characters in One Piece.
    Ace, Luffy and Nami atleast. I do like Zoro, Sanji and Garp!

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    Default Re: Your favorite One Piece character

    Quote Originally Posted by Cruithne View Post
    I wish Oda would give Robin some epic fights (she'd be up there if he did). Her power is too cool to be wasted like that. >:I
    I totally agree, she's on the top of my list. She always gets fights where she is so overpowered that she beats the opponent with 1 move. Now that i think about it EVERY other Strawhat had a serious fight except her. Maybe Oda sees her only as a support character? I don't know about you guys, but in my opinion she is as strong as the "Monster Three". Also in my opinion i think that she can beat a logia DF user without Haki, using her knowledge.

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