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Thread: Third Round Discussion

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    Default Re: Third Round Discussion

    I can't stop me!

    You are on a quest to become the Pirate Prince, and you decide your fate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nolus View Post
    We have a mighty fight ahead of ourselves~

    And depending on when it will began I might or might not be here for it :I
    Don't worry, we'll pull through) Bicycle is going too fast now to be stopped that easily

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    Quote Originally Posted by InglingX View Post
    Hmm, not sure if I should be happy with Rayleigh as tag partner or not.
    The Bon/Enel, Usopp/Robin and Croc/Zoro teams look bitchin' though.
    The Nami/Rayleigh combo is a monstrosity. One brings the campaigns and the other the blind support of the little fangirls. It's terrifying, really.

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    I wonder what other balls had?

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    Lawbeard vs Nico Usopp is even better match cause "previous winner" argument doesn't work anymore

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    How this supposed to work? two vs. two?
    Guess I can't support fellow archaeologist on this one than

    I can, however, post further fun archaeological facts during the match if somebody wants me to
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    I hope these two-on-two matchups will draw in a lot of'll certainly add to the excitement.

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    I very much approve of this.

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    The Bon-boy and Enel alliance is a polling juggernaut. KNEEL MORTALS!
    Last edited by Roronoa Dodo; September 1st, 2012 at 02:43 PM. Reason: I demand a vote recount for Brownbeard-sama's match!

    The era of Whitebeard is over. The time of Brownbeard, has come.

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    One of the balls would have resulted in cake and ice cream for everyone.

    Instead we get tag team matches. I guess that's cool too.
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    ^What kind of ice-cream?

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    So far on the Bon-Enel bandwagon, my assprint is permanent

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nolus View Post
    ^What kind of ice-cream?
    The best kind: delicious ice cream.
    Complicating things since 2009.

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    Thread needs more negative reaction.
    It's fuel for additional laughter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitsune Inferno View Post
    My body is Rayleigh.
    And I'm a pigeon.
    Last edited by Nia; September 1st, 2012 at 02:47 PM. Reason: BRING IT ON

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    Holy shi...eld!

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    Guess I'll give my picks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gekko135 View Post
    Aokiji/Monet VS Doflamingo/Smoker
    Yeah, this was tough. I haven't forgiven Monet for getting rid of Bellemere, but I feel more compelled to support Aokiji rather than Smoker. Sigh.

    Nami/Rayleigh VS Hiriluk/Hattori
    Sniff.....this match makes me sad.

    a. Hiruluk's story is simply amazing.
    b. Hattori's campaigns are fantastic, and I hate being the opposite side of Nia.
    c. Teaming with Rayleigh means.....teaming up with that terrible word. Ugh.

    But the Nami camp has worked too hard to lose now. And she's the one I'm gunning to be champion. Sorry Nia. Hopefully this match will be as fun as before. D:

    Law/Whitebeard VS Robin/Usopp
    This match will probably be the most intense of've got four insanely popular characters, and THREE of them were champions! But I'll support Robin and Usopp. Why? I will always vote Straw Hat over hype. Plus I need an excuse to challenge zachri again.

    Shakky/Tashigi vs Bon Kurei/Enel
    Bon and Enel are a monsterous combo, and I love both so much. But....Shakky and Tashigi have been trolled by Satori's antics. I had voted for both before, and they're probably the biggest underdogs of the tournament. I'll support them.

    Crocodile/Zoro VS Shanks/Magellan
    Yeah......I can't help it. It's one thing to vote against Crocodile, one thing to vote against Zoro, but to vote against both?

    These matches were all insanely difficult to decide. The problem being is that the characters I really wanted to support are on opposite sides. Well done, you crafty mods. This tournament's now more evil because of these antics.

    But I'm ready for them.

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    Default Re: Third Round Discussion

    Only match I'm not truly decided on is Aokiji/Monet vs. Doflamingo/Smoker


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    Default Re: Third Round Discussion

    manga spoilers.
    really wish that smoker vs vergo fight would hurry up and start,would really help smokers chances of winning.
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