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Thread: Painting Boxing Gloves?

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    Default Painting Boxing Gloves?

    I'm hoping to cosplay Afro Luffy sometime and have been looking at boxing gloves lately. Only problem is the closest boxing gloves to Luffy's is black :/ I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of paint to use on the gloves? I heard spray paint doesn't work well since it ends up sticky and comes off easily. Help would be greatly appreciated :D

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    Default Re: Painting Boxing Gloves?

    Why not just get some red ones from the start?

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    Default Re: Painting Boxing Gloves?

    I actually originally was just going to get a red glove, but then I noticed that a lot of them don't have laces going along the inside :( A lot of the red ones have some logo on the glove too, which I would want to paint over especially the red ones with laces. I have also thought about getting a glove and doing the laces myself somehow, but I would still need to paint it orange on the inside :/

    That pair you showed actually seems kind of close to the ones I'm interested in getting, but can't see the inside. From what I have looked at, this is the one I'm thinking of right now, but trying to figure out painting.
    Someone recommended using Rit dye, but not sure how well it would work. That's probably what I'm going with right now, unless I find a better way

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    RIT wouldn't do jack on pleather/leather. Try looking for a stain from Tandy Leather. If it's possible, see if they have tips for lightening up the black first (via bleaching out or something) before going red.. otherwise, it won't do much good.

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