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Thread: The Mysterious Russian Ghost Website Hackers, Operau.net

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    Exclamation The Mysterious Russian Ghost Website Hackers, Operau.net

    I figured the Thread name would get your attention.

    I'm having difficulty accessing AP Forums from my Phone. My Phone model is an Andriod LG Phoenix with AT&T as my service provider. It just started happening for the first time only about and hour or two ago today, but every time I attempt to access the main site:

    I instead get rerouted to a site called arizona.popunder.ru for only a few seconds

    before that reroutes me to a cryptic russian-language website called operau.net.

    The extremely weird thing is that Operaru.net, according to Google, doesn't even seem to exist. When I clicked on the website link after typing the name in google search, it immediately brought me back to the main google home-page and nothing else happened. Additionally, no anti-virus website (like MacAfee) has any information of any kind about it. Its almost as if its an unknown, non-existent ghost website. And this just happened as I was going about my normal, everyday business as usual. I have NEVER encountered either of these websites before nor have I had similar problems occuring on my phone in the past.

    I know the problem is not with the forum itself and limited to (only?) my phone as I can acess AP Forums from a computer here now without difficulty, but I don't have the slightest clue as how to remedy the situation. Is my memory card comprimised? Has it been hacked? That seems likely. The good thing here is that I don't carry out financial business of any kind on my phone, so there's not much of anything valuable they can gleam from my phone data I hope. I don't know what to dooooo......

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    Default Re: The Mysterious Russian Ghost Website Hackers, Operau.net


    It's the forum, and they're working on it.
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