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Thread: Steven's Artwork Thread

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    I haven't been posting nearly as much as I used too, it might be that this year I've been more animation oriented than illustration.

    Here's an animatic of something I'm working on;

    Here's 5 seconds WIP progress of animation;

    I really need to finish that Spider animation. Maybe I should do that today. And I need to do something for Indiana Uploaded's spring animation contest.

    I got some of the Sound design stuff done for the Spider Animation. Sadly, my "Roommate" (My mom, haha) came home and makes too much noise for me to record further.

    Did a Digi-paint sketch for a friend of mine. She has a bigger following that I do on Facebook and Deviantart, she's Namioki she did me a favor and advertise both my page and my stream and this was a quick thank you.
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    Now for something completely random;

    This guy was the only one who took my offer during the Live stream to donate money and print screen proof to get another sketch.

    Side Note:

    Thursday I'll be going out of town to particpate in an 49 Hour Animation Compo.

    This my team;

    Ryan Ring, skilled 3D ligter and render artist, works for Fox Indianapolis, Vance Vaden grad of Animation Mentor, Zeb Wood founder of Indiana Uploaded, amazing 3D Artist, Chase Sheild current Animation Mentor senior, and me... uhm I draw good! (Pre-Production Pro)
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    Made new Coverimage for facebook.

    Friend of mine used to do Shades of Green and Scrambled Channel web-comics about his avatar character Meta and his fictional girlfriend Nilla. He just put out another ref sheet for those characters; some how Meta comes out skinnier and skinnier and Nilla gets chubbier with every new ref sheet.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Sorry I keep double posting, I've been doing stuff I can post!

    Remember that Jem remake I was talking about doing. The one that hasn't nothing to do with Hasbro. Yea here's the WIP of Kimber, the younger sister of Jerrika (Jem).

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    Album Art I did has been revealed by Crappy Records! Check out the progression of this piece on the blog; http://www.stevenraybrown.com/2012/0...album-art.html

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    you follow the Facebook and twitter, you all know I survived a very stressful and exhausting weekend.


    This last weekend I participating in the 49 Hour (Animated) Film Competition... I can't post the our video due to "da rules", but I had a lot of fun and my team did great. We didn't finish completely and probably won't win. BUT, we kicked major ass. Its a 3D animated short about a man having bathroom troubles.

    Some updates with Guttamind front.

    Episode 2 of Its a Wrap is out;

    I have no clue what the episode tells, I only did the backgrounds and did character design. And... I haven't watch it.

    Also working on a 2.O of his website;

    That's a small piece of it.

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    Default Re: Steven's Artwork Thread

    Super Hero-ish version of a friend of mine.

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    Default Re: Steven's Artwork Thread

    Guess who's working on a live action adaption of Static Shock?

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    Default Re: Steven's Artwork Thread

    They put another page online.

    Go support the Static Shock live action adaption by liking them of Facebook or donating to their IndieGoGo.
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    Default Re: Steven's Artwork Thread

    After chatting with Akeem from Rye Bread we're shifting gears with the animated version of the Rye Bread cast;
    Going from tradtional like this;

    To more experimental like this;

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    More Boards from the Static Shock live action adaption. Keep in mind I did these in 3 in the morning...

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    Default Re: Steven's Artwork Thread

    Apparently I'm going to be doing a lot of Character Design lately. First for the Rye Bread Radio dude's webcomic, and the second for a guy with a web show that wanted a toon of him.

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    Default Re: Steven's Artwork Thread

    Some comparison shots from Sketch to Finish of those Its-A-Wrap videos.

    A little work in progress.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Some Color test for the Rye Bread Radio Animation/Web comics.

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    Default Re: Steven's Artwork Thread

    Crappy Demo Reel is crappy.

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    Default Re: Steven's Artwork Thread

    More Static boards!

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    Default Re: Steven's Artwork Thread

    Donkey Kong inspired fan art.


    Working on RYEBread Tshirt ideas.

    And a comparison between the original and my revamped flash model for Lil Wayne from Its a Wrap.

    Also some Ghostbuers sketches;

    Based off the Western Kentucky Ghostbusters.
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    Felt Nostalgic and went through the blog. I found these and thought you guys wouldn't mind revisiting some old work.

    Story boards for a animation project I had to do once. Based off Blackbeard and Luffy.

    Highlights from my first storyboards ever.

    Trying to do character design practice, a friend do one based off plastic surgery;

    Yeo Walter (named after Walter Yeo the first person sited to have plastic surgery) is a woman who just wanted to be pretty to impress a man. She was tricked into letting a psychopath nip and tuck at her skin to fix her imperfections. Lovely girl turn Frankenstein wife.

    Here's some more sketches from like.... 2 years ago...

    The following one was another character design exercise where someone was like old and loves animals.

    And finally bookend this post with more storyboards. This was from my first group effort, it never got finished.

    Something more relevante, I had to edit Guttamind's mascot into the scene of the hologram Tupac.

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    Default Re: Steven's Artwork Thread


    I helped out this kick-starter. The catch is that I only get paid 3,000 from this commission if they make their goal. That aside, if can't donate you should spread it as the actual kickstarter project is pretty neat!

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    Default Re: Steven's Artwork Thread

    Here's some exciting news;

    A Youtube channel I did the branding for was launched yesterday. N00B vs PRO is a new channel created by Outback Zack a new friend of mine. There's literally no videos yet and is 25 subscribers short from having 500. Very exciting, I would like to think it was because of the above image, but most likely its because of Outback Zack's, Tim's (the N00B), and Aaron's (Pro) followers.

    Bowling for Soup has put my illustrations on Tshirts and Posters that are finally in their UK Store.

    Zombie and Nappa ponies. A promise I made for someone to donate to the Brackets for Good. They came out alright. This is the second MLP thing I've ever drawn.

    A quick sketch of Alison Brie.

    And Finally now image yet. But The Rye Bread Radio Comic is official announced. Start this Friday each Friday there will be a new strip. Written by Akeem Lawanson, and illustrated by myself. Its part of their 7 Days of the week update system;

    Thursday: Live Radio Show
    Friday: New Comic Strip
    Saturday: Live Radio Show
    Sunday: Live Radio Show
    Monday: Thursday's Episode Download Released
    Tuesday: Saturday's Episode Download Released
    Wednesday: Sunday's Episode Download Released

    Thursday - Sunday new content! And Monday - Wednesday will be archived episodes.

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    Default Re: Steven's Artwork Thread

    I'm on the project, AniMEME for Outback Zack.

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    Default Re: Steven's Artwork Thread

    Sometimes I pretend to be artsy....

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    Default Re: Steven's Artwork Thread

    Still need to add some stuff, but getting close to finish on this one.

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