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Thread: Garp vs Smoker

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mox View Post
    Ah, so that's why I don't like him. It makes sense now.
    Also he lacks the facial hair to be even be Chuck Norris. That makes him Jean Claude Van Damme, and that's just sad.
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    The Smoker campaigning has been great already! SMOKER GOOO!


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    Observed Smoker losing before voting, therefore voted Smoker.

    Won't be around to vote tomorrow. So just for the record, I want Whitebeard to fall.

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    Whats with this talk about Van Damn, Arnold, and Chuck Norris. Sylvester Stallone beats the shit out of them (well, maybe not Chuck Norris)

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    Default Re: Garp vs Smoker

    Voted for Garp. >:3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alek172 View Post

    This is somehow, via shit eating, meant to convey the message "Vote for Smoker."
    I must express my appreciation for this bizarre yet humorous gif.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asm00200 View Post
    great job emanueles your campaign is awesome but I think you need to remove the last

    P.S: and I"ll vote Smoker because of you, even though I don't like him that much!!
    I' m glad of this, thank you. I had some other stuff, but seeing the result, that' s enough...
    I' m disappointed in you, AP people!!! I' ll leave you with your sense opf guilt for voting that bad man:

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    Smoker has one fatal weakness.....No Smoking Zones

    Vote for Garp
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    garp let his adopted grandson die in the name of duty and justice. Smoker knows how to go beyond Justice to a thing called Honor. Smoker has it.
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    I like both characters, but I voted for Smoker.

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    Well, can't say Smoker and his campaigners didn't try. Next time Smokey. Oh, and I know I was going with Garp but I do have this old campaign which I will now post (completely forgot about it).

    I think it's from a previous match.
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    The fist of love wins this round.
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