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Thread: Zoinks! A Scooby Doo thread!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfwood View Post
    I still remember renting that as a kid, coming right of off zombie island and the witches ghost, my Scooby mania was at an all time high. There was angry chewing of chips that day
    Even with a lot of nostalgia, I find it next to impossible to defend anything about Reluctant Werewolf. I think I liked it as a kid because I also liked the Wacky Races a lot at the time and well, that the closest I got to a feature length movie of that (Great Race doesn't count because that was the original). It's not like Scooby-Doo (for the most part at the time) was that good at mysteries anyway so the lack of one didn't really matter.

    But good gravy, watching it as a adult was not fun. That "color commentary" gag was so painful and groanworthy that somehow warped back around to being brilliant and then terrible again.

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    The Color commentary gag I can live with the random dance number towards the middle of the film which is a about a minute in a half and shorter than that?

    Easily the most cringey thing about the whole film.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ubiq View Post
    I've often wondered about that myself; seems like being supported by people who only want you there so the world can end in fire (with you going to Hell in the process) would be somewhat off-putting
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    Return to Zombie trailer is devastatingly bad. I'm legit angry.

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    Oh, so now monsters are real again. You couldn't do that in The 13th Ghost movie? The movie sequel to the show where monsters existed? Whatever.

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    With the talk about the original film being an unsolved mystery on the Gang's part, I think the implication there is pretty clearly that the cat creatures and zombies were fake but they never found out who was behind it.
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    Well, I just watched the Urkel episode.

    That was... a thing.

    Also, Jaleel White can not do the voice anymore. Not a shock given he's in his 40's, but still.
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