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  • Luffy

    23 22.55%
  • Zoro

    8 7.84%
  • Usopp

    20 19.61%
  • Nami

    7 6.86%
  • Sanji

    27 26.47%
  • Chopper

    12 11.76%
  • RObin

    5 4.90%
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Thread: Best strawhat singing voice

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    Robin its such a sweet voice!!

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    Nami's voice the best
    Usopp №2
    Luffy №3

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    Sogeki no shima de... ♪

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    Two years since the last post, and here I am. This is actually a really cool question since I've listened obsessively to most of the full-crew songs for like two months now. We Are 9-member version tends to loop itself in my head at this point...

    Anyway, my favorite vocals are always Mayumi Tanaka's; imo she's the best vocalist out of the crew, plus she always gives songs a big boost of energy when she starts singing. Otherwise, Kazuki Yao's great, even in 1 2 Jango, and Cho's crooning cracks me up. And Kazuya Nakai can sound weak, but he's sort of my bias since I adore his voice anyway. The others are nice to hear, but some of them don't sound too comfy with singing in general.

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