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  • Luffy

    23 22.55%
  • Zoro

    8 7.84%
  • Usopp

    20 19.61%
  • Nami

    7 6.86%
  • Sanji

    27 26.47%
  • Chopper

    12 11.76%
  • RObin

    5 4.90%
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Thread: Best strawhat singing voice

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    Originally posted by CosmicDebris@May 11 2005, 11:13 AM
    Zoro's singing voice (forgot the VA's name) makes me cringe sometimes. :P
    I think he just does Zoro really well, who isn't the singing type.
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    Bad move, bub!

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    hehehe if you were talking about best singing voices for One-Piece.. DUBS oh man lol. All u ppl who chose Sanji would change ur choices in a sec.

    On the other hand.. Chopper and Sanji.. but Sanji more (not the dubbed XD)..never

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    OH jeez...I don't even want to think about the dub actors singing. :o

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    I'm the only one who voted for Robin?? ;o;
    I think &#39;My Real Life&#39; is really good >__<

    ah well...other than Robin I would&#39;ve picked Sanji
    as for Chopper...I unno...he has a cute voice but...
    it gets annoying afer awhile

    Thanks e1n for this awesome gift <3

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    Sanji kicks ass, but most of his image songs are just boring, kinda like he&#39;s just talking. Girls&#33;&#33; kicked ass, though.

    Ikue Ohtani&#39;s my favourite, though. Be it heart-breaking beautiful songs (Dakishimete, Sea Moon See You) or fun, upbeat ones (Friends, Present), she does it all.

    However, from the little I&#39;ve heard, Yuriko Yamaguchi&#39;s voice is incredibly powerful, as well.

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    Man, I love Zoro&#39;s singing voice. It was surprised at how good Spirit of Zoro sounded.

    Sanji&#39;s is great too. I honestly can&#39;t pick.

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    Geez, am I the only one who&#39;s gonna vote for Tanaka Mayumi here ? The woman is a VA god :lol:

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    Guess not, what with Luffy having four votes and all. :P Zoro&#39;s the one to be worried about...
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    Bad move, bub!

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    It&#39;s a total draw between Sanji and Luffy for me. When Sanji sings... oh god. x_x.;; So hot. But Luffy&#39;s voice is just amazing, and I love listening to it.

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    I vote for Sanji, his voice is great *melts*&#33; Second, Luffy&#39;s Seiyu , Ussop&#39;s Seiyu and Nami&#39;s Seiyu.
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    oh wow no one chose zoro? damn i should&#39;ve :P haha but Chopper&#39;s song, Present was so cute i had to vote for him haha

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    Captaaaiiiinnn Usopp&#33;

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    For me, Yamaguchi Kappei, naturally :P I just love his voice so much. But I think they&#39;re all really good, especially Tanaka Mayumi.

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    Hmmm...that´s a hard question...all of them are good...but I voted in Hirata Hiroaki(Sanji)...sooo sexy in Moulin Rouge...and funny in Jungle Fever("Usoppu,jama&#33;") :P

    Yamaguchi Yuriko(Robin) are great too,she have a melodic voice,like on her solo part in "Jungle Fever".Well,but I cannot forget the amazing voice of Tanaka Mayumi(Luffy)&#33;It´s funny,with a lot of melody in same versatility,she´s the best.(Holy Holiday is very very cute&#33;).Ohtani Ikue(Chopper) is very cute too,like Present,and make a perfect couple with Yamaguchi Kappei(Usopp) in Friends.The Sniper´s voice are a very good match,´cuz it´s funny and great when he scream... :lol:

    Okamura Akemi(Nami)have a sweet voice,very good for the Navigator.Between the Wind is an example. :)

    Nakai Kazuya(Zoro) is strange when sings...but in Eyes of Zoro it doesn´t mattered at all... ;)

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    Captain Shmeckie


    Originally posted by Buccaneer@May 11 2005, 08:39 AM
    Sanji&#39;s voice is too smooth. "Moulin Rouge" forever.
    Agreed. Though, Zoro was pretty good, too.

    However, and of course, none of them quite match the talent that is Jango&#33; ;)

    And may I say how shocked I am that Kappei Yamaguchi was Usopp? Didn&#39;t even recognize him...

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    chopper of course B). then is luffy&#39;s. hell his va played krillin one of the best singers in an anime period :lol:.

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    definately Usopp

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    I&#39;m gonna go for Luffy.....
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