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    Black Lighting s1 worth finishing not continuing.
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    Doom Patrol foul language and weirdness can be distracting but it doesn't go against the story. It does in titans. There's a gory scene at the begenning of the show with Grayson and it works. It shows you how brutal he became. But the problem is that when fighting in flashback it's the same so it's hard to feel that tragedy that is his loss of inocence.

    The most fascinating thing is that I think a lot of the side characters work well.
    Donna troy is good at balancing the hero desillusion with real personality.

    Jason Todd might be the best character where the language and violence reflects the unhinged kid he is supposed to be and a reflection of a darker Batman.

    Hank and Dove have the best episode exploring their backstory. But the main thing which is Raven and Dick is quite badly handled.
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    Ttitans wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but not that good either.

    It has a lot of interesting idea but it fails at pulling them off. One of the more interesting one is that Dick is damed by Batman. He can see himself being more violent but doesn't want to be that person and that's why he left. But the story is so focus on showing you the darkeness Dick is supressing it never shows you the light that was there. There is a scene in a art gallery where Grayson has to make small talk and he fails at it because that's not him. That should be a Batman thing not Dick Grayson thing. that should be your moment where for a moment he goes back to being the charming boy before slowly losing his smile.
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    Doom Patrol is pretty solid. They are lesser episodes so don't give up because of one bad one.

    Plot wise it's meh but character wise it does a pretty solid job and goes in some places. The weirdness can be good or bad. As for the language it's vclearly trying hard but what is behind it is solid enough to merit your attention. Whenever you take a break tell me where you are so I can throw random comments without spoiling.
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    I would have preferred if he either said Terra has to go to prison or be executed. Because his whole point is that the league are hypocrite for not doing justice. So him wanting Terra didn't make sense. I was also mad at him not putting his brother back but this one made sense with the last twist.

    Also what is the twist you call bs in s2?
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    I really enjoyed the Story of Brionn. Even when he was angry. I'm glad they actually had him killed someone.

    I think there's a begenning of a good idea with Terra but they should have sent her to prison. Then free her to the justice league in the coming timeskip so that she has a real punishment. Not some weird I killed a lot of people but I'm sorry so thank you for letting me with my brother that has no authority at all.

    I also think they should have had the positivity of the justice league plummeted because it means the light plan was never going to work. Also it makes the light seems delusional when they smug at the end. Also the light should just be the original instead of that unnecesary let's put random people in. It should be an honor not a formality.

    I'm interested in the league thing. I expect they come ifrom a systopia and are there to help them win this time. basically implulse but on larger scale.
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    In the positives

    That episode about abuse was really good

    I like Bats being portrayed as a human that can criticize instead of the voice of god. I was on his side for once but I like that when the truth came out and was called out it wasn't portrayed as the other party being morons. I also like that his plan involded the leaders of the different group(and though the jab at them being sheeps and sidekicks Bruce was a rejection of the growth of s2 but wathev)

    I think Jeff as leader was earned and his speech really good.

    Finally the proper resolution to the genomorph story. But damn was it random. Duplex was right to call superboy on his shit.

    Forager was fun and might be the MVP for me.

    I really like that idea for Vic origin in this one a bit more evil than classic. Making it more scary for him.
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    Savage interaction should have been from maybe 2-3 before the show with savage and the league teaming up to push them back(Savage is unknown to the league as a villain) then he makes the pact with Darkseid when they are losing. Then it makes sense that Darseid see meta humans(heroes and villains fighting him) as valuable and the light actions are made in reasonable timetable for Darkseid to see there's merit in letting them live. It would also make Black lighting speech even more resonant.

    As it stands there's no reason Darkseid should allied to a bunch of cavemen too stupid to know there are not alone in the universe. At best he would take Savage as a general not waste a good 200 years doing all the heavy lifting and letting his future enemy gain strength.

    Also it makes no sense for Darseid to still play nice since he knows about the anti life equation being on earth. Darkseid is incredible moronic in this version.
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    I have a loooot of problems with s3.

    I think the dialogue feels more manifactured than usual. The timeskip feels unnecessary. But I guess it needs to be current so ok. But it feels weird to have the last episode be Dick is taking a break tThe fight choegraphy is lacking which sucks for someone like me that likes Grayson. zit is also a very meandering season. s2 was long but even when I didn't like it I understood why. They are establishing stuff they will need and they don't want to rush. In this season? There's material of 2-3 episodes stretched across 13 episodes. A lot of it due to a rushed and confusing world building.

    The other seasons were made for 26 episodes(or close you can probably shave some fat). This one forced it to fit the 26 and it shows.
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    In terms of new elements tho.

    In the new team only Blue Beetle works and that's because he is the only one ties to the real plot. Impulse also works and again person tied to the plot with a compelling backstory.

    The light is still pretty solid and I dare more interesting because they actually do stuff and interact with our heroes in this one. And It's interesting to see them trying to wreste control from aliens more powerful than them. Their scheming feel more grounded. The aliens themselves are boring but they bring good things like Impulsae and meta humans and warworld.
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