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  1. Haha okay.
    Well, I'm Rebecca. :p
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    Nah, I barely know you. When you have more AP time I would feel more "confortable".
  3. Erm. Yes? XD
    If you're okay with me knowing.
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    Like, in real life ?
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    I buy the prizes.
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    Now you know, donīt bring back dead topics.
  7. Hope so. :) I've already been warned for bringing back dead threads though. u_u
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    Nah, only 3 to 4 PMs..nothing too big.

    And relax, you will be able to make threads in no time, just keep posting.
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    What do you mean bloated ? Things are looking fine here. About the rules, nah, I already put the rules I think are essential for a fun game. If people want to Answer the question, they donīt have to mind the title, they can put "Answer", "Question #" or even "Chocolate"

    And no problem, if you want to help me, that is ok.
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    Sorry if you didn't understand.

    And I think is nice to have a vacation, but I want to get back to work, all this "nothing to do" is driving me insane.
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Date of Birth
October 25
About Rebecca
My name is Rebecca, and I've been reading One Piece for a few years now. (Thank you, monthly Shonen Jump!
Also, I was one of those idiots who read it as "Nepeg" Before I started reading it....yeah.

I like to draw and come up with story ideas, and I hope that someday I can become an illustrator, and maybe write some books of my own.
I'm involved in lots on fandoms other than One Piece, like Sailor Moon, Homestuck, Gravity Falls, and Marvel, but OP is my main one at the moment. :) My Pinterest boards can tell you a lot about me, I'm sure.

My favourite character is...
No, there are too many to chose from!
My Favourite Straw hats are Zolo, Usopp, and Chopper.
Sniper Island
Drawing, Reading, coming up with ideas. I like gardening, but I'm not very good at it.
That's a good one.


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