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    Yup there were less fundamental differences between Bose and Nehru, for example, hence the path would have been pretty much the same except for more focus on centralized power for perhaps a longer period of time as you had mentioned. Foreign relations would have been in a problem however, due to the obvious hatred by British and perhaps all the Allies after the war. But on the other hand, to perhaps deter Russia's influence on us, they might have taken steps to gain our attention. How successful that would be under Bose's rule would be a mystery indeed. Although he has mentioned that he doesn't have any personal hatred towards the West as such except for their colonial mindset.

    Maggi? Nah a good ol' T-bone beef steak with beer on a breezy night near Juhu beach would be nice. Oh wait..
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    So... finally finished the book and I think we are misinterpreting his political ideology with his motive driven actions. I feel from his views that he was forced to act as an extremist due to the reluctance of Gandhi over pushing the Britishers for the country's freedom. He would have of course preferred to be a dictator (which he could have become) who could negotiate between parties and stick the country together but if he had to evolve, which he would have eventually considering him as the intellectual that he was, he would have ended up being a socialist democrat. I did not get any indication of his hatred towards democracy and in fact, I got the opposite of it. It's quite amazing how things could have worked out if he had been at the top post-war. Good talk to have over coupla beer perhaps
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    This time with 3 new prizes, but this one will be the last one with prizes.
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    Yeah, I will rest, and the good part, I will be back for my new quiz game.
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    And yeah..I think I am stronger than depression, I am still alive...I donīt know why.
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    Hey cooldud, long time no see...I Missed you.

    Thanks for the words, my life is not easy right now, but comforting words are always welcomed..
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    Thanks !!! It was my dream job (since it was the best public library I visited so far). I used to write poems when I was younger, LOL ..I even managed to write a book when I was in high school..well, is almost completed .

    I will start in april, so I still have some free time...I just canīt wait.

    About "Captain with a capital C", you are the 3° person that said this..I guess I have to change my name, ahahahaha
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    Yep Bangalore and well to tell you the truth, AAP has become media's favorite whore for the past one month. Whatever they do, good or bad, they are projected under a light of ambiguity. So the first impression people get while reading the newspapers or watching the news is that AAP is a bunch of psychotic activists bent on doing something for the sake of garnering unwanted attention and getting cheap votes. Unfortunately, their actions keep assisting that notion too. Nobody has the time or patience to actually investigate on whats going on.

    For example, the controversial event of the nighttime raid on some houses based on complaints from locals... nobody talked about the actual complaint given by the locals after the event. Media did not cover that part at all and people never bothered to question it. I am not supporting AAP but they aren't THAT bad. But they do some monkey business which is magnified to an extent that they are losing support from the urban middle class.
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    Ah cool, thanks for all the info :) I was just curious because my friend's really interested in it, and his thesis was related to Indian caste systems and whether they manifest here in any way within the Singapore Indian society. I don’t think I have any particular questions to ask... It sounds like a really interesting group though, and I'm glad things have been looking up. :)
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    Hahaha. Well the dolphin is still here, as long as here means somewhere in the world. Let that provide some measly comfort to your long hours of bleak darkness and depression~

    I'm going to Bali! :) Just for a few days, though I might take an extra couple days of leave. I hate the feeling of having to work right after you come back from a trip so I might take an extra day off after returning.

    You're travelling quite a lot! :D And that grad trip sounds really fun. Which places are you planning to go? Definitely try to travel after you graduate, even if you end up not being able to go for 2-3 months. You won't regret it, and you simply must reward yourself. Plus it's a great motivation to finish up that awful last semester.
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