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  1. CHARMED. I know you haven't been on here in ages but I miss you sooooo much :P And I was wondering, in case my messages on tumblr got lost somehow (ask doesn't work for me very well), would you like to join the Winter season of Survivor? I really miss the fun times we had, and I really don't want to play without you. (Heart's playing too!)
  2. CHARMED! I'm watching Wicked tomorrow! :D
  3. Noooo D: I miss you!!! How are you doing?! Did you have a fun holiday week?
  4. Traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy <3 How're you, dear? I KEEP MISSING YOU WHEN I LOG ONTO FP. SOMETIMES BY MINUTES D: Makes a girl sad.
  5. Chaaaaaaaaaaarmed!
  6. Hey I'm on a week long holiday now from college, hope we can chat again soon ^^ ILU <3
  7. Hello I miss you
  8. <3 Because I knew you, I have been changed for good
  9. I think I'll try defying gravity!
  10. Oh yeah! I noticed a pub in my village called the Dolphin :D Made me think of ya ^^ x
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