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  1. I'm doing great at the moment, got a summer job and through a selection for an art and technology course (which should come far easier to me the past year's disaster of a course; I like translating but it seems practical really suits me better, it feels like a really bad habit to switch now :P )
    My sister's a second year there, so I get a lot of free help with homework~

    Between working and playing Survivor, I'm really tired... the thought of new Doctor Who and Merlin after the summer is pretty much the only thing that keeps me going. :P
  2. Hey Shira-babe! Oh you did? ^^ Wow that's weird! In my defence, I have a love/hate relationship with Glee ^^ Mostly hate the story but I love almost all the characters. Odd, I know~ How've you been doing?
  3. Hey babe, how are you doing?

    You know what's funny? Just the other day I stumbled across your tumblr without knowing that was yours and I was like, loving how perfectly that list of fandoms matched mine (minus Glee, but whatever, still synch :P)
  4. Hmm, my current teachers are just plain and boring. I like those cheery Japanese teachers who know me and greet me in Japanese in a way that always makes it seem like they drank waaaay too much Red Bull. XD Honestly, I'm kind of happy we have a culture of bringing your own food to school or going home for lunch everyday up until getting into university. Makes it easier to resist~ Oh, that reminds me of the time I was with my host family in Japan this summer. They just gave me a can of Asahi beer and I got my first taste of beer without knowing what it was, haha~ (I really do not have any excuse for not reading the can first which I could easily do :P)
  5. Haha as long as your teachers normally aren't like that! We've got a few eccentrics here too so I can relate ;)
    We can have water but there was this joke a few years back that teachers needed to be sure it was plain water before. I think there were almsot expecting vodka in evains bottles! Our school food is all really healthy, but expensive yeah -.-;
  6. Yeah, seriously XD He was really eccentric though, not very average at all over here. Oh, and it's the same over here, no chewing gum to be seen at Uni. :P
    I can get away with a bottle of water in class, but eating's a big no no. School food is expensive and unhealthy anyway, so I guess it's not a bad thing.
  7. Wow thats a lot to take in at once! Yeah I like our way more funnily enough xD I can get my head around that at least :3

    Seriously?! Coffee in a pencil case? Yikes. Haha we have a recurring problem with chewing gum in the lower school, but from sixth form onwards (which is me) we can eat in the class if we ask nicely and the teacher likes us xD
  8. We have a level system, like when you enter high school there are 6 levels ranging from very practical and lowly-educated jobs to the very theoretical and university entrance level and kids are placed in a level based on all sorts of primary school results and advices. (I was in the level just below the highest one and a level below that before that [comparable to GCSE level and pre-vocational training respectively on your side of the Channel :P], so I went to a university of applied sciences). I don't think I've ever seen another country do things like this, really.

    Lol, we're not allowed to eat or drink in class at all. (I had a Biology teacher in high school who emptied a cup of coffee in the offender's pen case once XD)
    Tea is always nice to have (with a lot of sugar). We have a vending machine at school that dispenses free hot water~
  9. Ah well that stuff shouldn't be too bad, right? I like our culture, but I am a bit biased ;) How is the school system different then? I know no-one does it like us, but I still don't know the exact differences. Tea is the best bonus~ You should drink tea in your lessons, we sometimes do if we have a nice teacher.

    And to you, love~
  10. Nah, holidays, general attitude, school system... (which differs immensely from ours, btw) that kind of stuff, dry, boring facts. Tea is just a nice bonus :P

    Good luck with everything :P
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