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  1. You shouldn't think that. You're the same as everyone else here.
  2. Yeah, but anyway I don't think I fits on this site after all,... nobody gonna miss me anyway.
  3. Dude. It's a joke. In a random popularity tournament people partake in for the sake of fun, and sometimes people simply vote to reward good and or humorous campaigns, and in the end, isn't that sort of the whole point, to have fun ? Hell even I voted for the guy.

    Why do you take it so seriously ? :O
  4. Its very hard to ignore a bunch of people who prefer a guy that appeared in just one panel over Drake.
  5. So is real life :P

    There are many smart and good people around, so you can ignore the people you have a problem with.
  6. I just realized that this site is full of anoying and stupid people and I simply dont wanna be part of it.
  7. What happened ?
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