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  1. And thanks for accepting my friend request! ^.^
  2. Awwww XD

    Yeah, I was born in the United States too, but my parents came from Poland. So, I see myself as Polish. It was my first language after all! Though I don't wanna lose it. I speak around the fifth grade level, and after I get good at speaking French, going back to master my original language. I tried to do both at the same time.... and yeah, much easier if I focus on one XD

    And I gotcha about the curse words! I do know a few too! ;p

    And speaking of World War II, my grandma on my mother's side was around during the war, with two children. But sadly, she is dead, so I cannot really listen to the stories first hand. (I like history.)
  3. Hello! I am actually Polish-American. My grandfather left during the interim between WW1 and 2. And I do know a little of the language....but only the curse words. :P
  4. I saw in one of your posts, that you are a Polish man! Were you born there? Or somewhere else? And do you know how to speak the language?

    I am asking, as I'm Polish myself, and I get excited about another person that is Polish! Yeah, I'm weird .-.
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