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  1. People are scary during mafia! D:
    I wish, just once, that i could be for it, too!
    That i could be all accusing and angry....
    But that'd just be weird from me. :/
  2. No needto be afraid, you know we don't bite...well hard anyway
  3. I always really want to! :D
    ...But then I always get too nervous to actually do it... ; -;
  4. Glad you are in a good mood, that makes me happy~

    We do have a game in sign-ups now, you should join in! Only if you want to tho...
  5. AH! I'm great! :D
    How are you?

    I'm sorry it's been so long...
    School has really been too much to handle.. ; -;

    BUT my schedule's lightened up it seems!
    I was even considering joining up in a mafia again sometime soon. XP
  6. Hey little sis, it's been ages! How are you?
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