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  1. And that's pretty cool! (About the sausages.)
  2. The move went well. Though driving took the entire day! My roommate and I did switch out drivers several times, and took breaks, so yeah. It was a fun adventure XD
  3. Ooh that sounds lovely, how was the move?

    I always used to have to stack polish sounding sausages and stuff when I used to work in a supermarket...they both sounded and looked delicious.
  4. It has been for the most part, good! I finally got internet in the new place I'm living in currently. (I moved from Missouri to Pennsylvania.) Besides that, I found out there's a Polish deli in my area, which makes me happy! (I'm Polish, but I was born in the United States. My parents came from Poland.)
  5. Och my day hasn't been bad at all, thanks!

    How about yours?
  6. You're welcome! How has your day been?
  7. Thanks Ekila, much obliged!
  8. Congrats on the promotion! :3
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